Citrus garrawayi Thornless Finger Lime

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Citrus garrawayi Thornless Finger Lime is an Australian native lime that resembles the fingerlime with it’s elongated finger-shaped fruits. But it has some key differences. It has broader greener leaves. NO THORNS!!! And fruits that are green skinned with a greenish-white pulp. They have larger vesicles (the bubbly zesty lime bits inside the fruit) than other finger limes. And thicker skin with large oil glands like the round lime. The fruit are flavoursome with a beautiful zesty lime flavour. They are fantastic eaten raw or cooked. Native to the foothills and upland rain forest of the Cape York Peninsula in Australia. They grow fantastically in full sun or part shade in our nursery. And if protected from frost will thrive. Through winter they will often partially defoliate. It’s nothing to worry about! Regrowing their leaves in a spring flush of growth. A fantastic fruitful Australian Native Lime to add to the garden or a pot. 

Due to its limited distribution, this Citrus garrawayi Thornless Finger Lime species is now classified as rare and is protected. 

Our plants are grown in 200mm and 140mm pots. Pictured above is our 140mm pot size.