Citrus inodora Russell River Lime or Australian Large Leaf Finger Lime - Pre-Order - ready End March 2024

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Citrus inodora Russell River Lime or Australian Large Leaf Finger Lime

One of the most beautiful lime or finger lime varieties around. With striking bright yellow fruit once ripe which offset against large, green holly shaped leaves. They are well worth growing just for their ornamental value. Which is just as well when they have a reputation for lack of flavour. Strangely enough, we find them to have fantastic flavour when grown in the nursery.  Rivalling the West Indian lime in flavour! Perhaps their reputation for lack of flavour might be growing conditions? We’re not sure? 

These plants are native to tropical North Queensland. And are becoming quite rare due to loss of habitat. Occurring in small pockets around Cape Tribulation and in the Bellenden-Ker Range south of Cairns. Despite their tropical nature, they grow and fruit well for us in our nursery in Sydney when protected from frost. 

Growing 2-4m tall in the garden if not pruned. Or making fantastic pot specimens easily kept 1m or 1.5m with a light prune. 

Our plants are in 200mm and a great size. 
Our plants leaves can vary in colour considerably based on time of year, from yellow green, lime green to dark green. Based on weather, temperatures and strength of sunlight. 

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