Cinnamomum verum True Cinnamon Ceylon Cinnamon

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Cinnamomum verum True Cinnamon Ceylon Cinnamon

Cinnamomum verum is what is called true cinnamon or Ceylon Cinnamon. It is the bark of the  Cinnomomum verum tree that is used to make the Spice that we all love and adore True or Ceylon Cinnamon. The subtle sweet yet spicy taste of True Cinnamon is far superior to the cinnamon we buy in our large chain supermarkets. The cinnamon sold in these is made from the Cassia Tree. And is a very poor tasting substitute for the real deal! 

True or Ceylon Cinnamon hails from Sri Lanka. And the  history of Cinnamon is as rich as the history of the island it comes from. And well worth a read if you get a chance! 

Easy to grow, they will do well in pots or in the garden and love a sunny warm spot. The bulk of their growth occurs over the warmer months. New shoots come out the most beautiful pinky/red/bronze. They then transition to yellow before darkening to green. They look stunning when flushing out new growth. Watering and feeding regularly in the warmer growing months will get them growing quickly. 

Our plants are currently available in 140mm pots. They are at various stages of growth. Some with new colourful growth, and some hardening off to yellow or green growth. But all growing strongly. Please note the older growth will have some cosmetic damage from a previous hail storm.