Citrus Finger Lime Green Chartreuse

Citrus Finger Lime Green Chartreuse

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Citrus Finger Lime Green Chartreuse 

Chartreuse is well known and great commercial variety of finger lime. With large fruit, regular fruit set, great colour and flavour! The taste is mild and zesty, and is far less bitter than other finger lime varieties. It goes very well in cocktails and clear alcoholic drinks such as gin. and is amazing in most dishes such as salads, deserts and seafood. Particularly where a subtle limey flavour is required. The plant is of medium vigor with open type of canopy.

Fruit Characteristics: 

Size : 7-10cm

Skin : green then can turn dark green or maroon when ripe. 

Vesicles : light green 

Fruiting Season : March to June (has a long fruiting period and will also often bear fruit out of this period)  

Height : grows to approx 1.5-1.7in a pot. Or 2-3 m over time in the garden.


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