Citrus Finger Lime Yellow

Citrus Finger Lime Yellow

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Citrus Finger Lime Yellow

Yellow is great variety of finger lime. It is a tall and strong grower. With Dark green foliage and a dense canopy. It looks great in pots or in the garden. And is a much easier finger lime variety to grow than many others.  
The fruit are mild and zesty, with a subtle lemon flavour! It goes very well in cocktails and clear alcoholic drinks such as gin. As well as salads, deserts and with seafood.

Fruit Characteristics: 

Size : 5-7cm

Skin : green to yellow with greenish patches when ripe. 

Vesicles : clear lime to lime yellow, medium to large vesicles.

Fruiting Season : March to May 

Height : grows to approx 1.7-1.9m in a pot, or 2-3m in the garden. 


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