Citrus glauca Australian Desert Lime

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Citrus glauca Australian Desert Lime. 
Intense Zesty, Citrus Lime Flavoured Native Citrus that looks more like an Olive tree than a citrus tree! 

Citrus glauca Australian Desert Lime is a species of citrus native to New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia. It is naturally found growing in challenging desert conditions. Particularly dry locations and often in heavy clay soils. This amazing citrus is cold, heat, drought and salinity tolerant! Which makes it extremely tolerant of a very wide range of conditions.

The fruit are quick to form after flowering. And resemble small lemons and pack a zesty citrus lime punch. One of the tastiest of our Australian Native lime species. The skin is very thin. Which makes them perfect for preserves, pickles, drinks and cocktails! Or better yet, squished and spread directly onto foods. They taste wonderful. 

Available in 165mm Talll Pots only. Our plants can be quite tall and may need to be pruned for postage.