Citrus Lemon Pinky - Pink Centred Lemon

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Citrus Lemon Pinky. 

A stunning Lemon with green and yellow striped skin and a beautiful pink flesh. And variegated foliage! Lemon Pinky was a spontaneous branch that appeared on a Eureka Lemon tree in Burbank California in 1931. And has taken a few years to finally get here! They are super tasty. Being less tart and just slightly sweeter than a traditional lemon. They have hardly any seeds and are just as juicy with the most beautiful floral fragrance!
We love them! And think you should try one! Perfect in the garden or in pots. We only have a few….. so get in quick! 🏎️ 🔜 🍋.

Available in 5L pots only. Our plants can be quite tall and may need to be pruned for postage.