Citrus Persian Sweet Lime Limu Shirin

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Citrus Persian Sweet Lime Limu Shirin is undoubtedly Irans favourite citrus fruit. Technically referred to as Persian Sweet Lemon or Limu Shirin in Iran and the surrounding region. They are uniquely sweet like an orange, turning sour about an hour after being cut if not used. They have many uses, most notable is the iconic slice of Limu Shirin served with Persian Tea. They also make a fabulous sweet fresh juice! But don’t forget to drink it quickly before the sour flavours develop. They can also be used as a substitute for lemon, lime and oranges in many recipes, cocktails, or marmalades. 

A wonderful citrus tree with so many uses. It is great in the garden or in a pot. It will add fabulous winter colour to your garden with its many brightly-coloured green and yellow fruit. You won’t have to wait long to enjoy these sweet zesty and tasty fruit. 

Our plants are well established in 200mm Square citrus pots. They are large. And may need to be pruned shorter for postage.