Clivia gardenii Major Garden’s Clivia

Clivia gardenii Major Garden’s Clivia

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Clivia gardenii are a very unusual and beautiful species of clivia. They typically bloom from late autumn through winter and into early spring. Blooming well before the traditional orange, cream and yellow Clivia miniata that many of us have in our gardens. The blooms are tubular and pendulous in shape. They usually have approximately 20 flowers in an umbel. They are the most beautiful peachy apricot to soft orange colour, with a bright green lip which often changes to yellow at the opening to the flower. They produce lush green clumps with time, multiplying each year and providing more and more flowers. 

Clivia gardenii makes a wonderful pot or garden specimen. They are incredibly tough plants. Tolerating drought and and many other adverse growing conditions. They are real survivors. A well cared for specimen will have lush dark leaves, and beautiful flowers. In pots they thrive and survive much longer than many other pot plants. Making striking pot specimens. And likewise in the garden. They thrive and look best in full shade to part sun. And will even tolerate quite sunny and harsh aspects though they might get some sun burn in hot sunny spots. 

Clivia gardenii are named in reference to Major Robert J Garden. Who collected this species while stationed in Natal in South Africa. He sent the plant to Kew Botanic Gardens in London. And the plant flowered in 1856 and was named after its discoverer and collector. 

Our plants are in 200mm pots and are flowering size.