Clivia robusta Swamp Forest Clivia

Clivia robusta Swamp Forest Clivia

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Clivid robusta Swamp Forest Clivia are another very unusual and beautiful species of clivia. They typically bloom from late autumn through winter. Blooming well before the traditional orange, cream and yellow Clivia miniata that many of us have in our gardens. The blooms are tubular and pendulous in shape. They usually have approximately 15-50 flowers in an umbel. They are the most beautiful peachy pinky apricot to soft orange colour, with a bright green lip at the opening to the flower. They produce lush green clumps with time, multiplying each year and providing more and more flowers. 

Clivid robusta Swamp Forest Clivia makes a wonderful pot or garden specimen. They are incredibly tough plants. Tolerating drought and wet and and many other adverse growing conditions. They are real survivors. A well cared for specimen will have lush light to mid green leaves, and beautiful flowers in autumn and winter. In pots they thrive and survive much longer than many other pot plants. Making striking pot specimens. And likewise in the garden. They thrive and look best in full shade to part sun. And will even tolerate quite sunny and harsh aspects though they might get some sun burn in hot sunny spots. 

Clivid robusta Swamp Forest Clivia have been in cultivation for a long time. Though due to confusion they were often lumped in under Clivia gardenii or referred to as Robust gardenii. It was only in 2001 that they were formally identified as a seperate species. Though they are similar in appearance to gardenii. They are a larger and more robust plant than gardenii. And more striking in appearance in a garden setting in our opinion as a large clump.

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