Lobelia fistulosa Giant Purple Lobelia - in propagation

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Lobelia fistulosa Giant Purple Lobelia

Well this is an interesting one! Lobelia fistulosa! The giant lobelia! Most of us know the little annual lobelia in blue or white that we plant for a few months of colour. This one is its big BiiiGGG Brother! And a perennial  or bi annual rather than an annual. It makes a fantastic and striking ornamental plant in the garden. The foliage makes a dense mound to about 1 to 1.5m H x about the same wide. And in spring and summer, tall flower stems rocket 🚀 upwards ! Producing striking and showy flowers stems 2 to 3 meters tall! The flower stems are loaded with hundreds of individual little flowers in pink, mauve or purple. They are loved by bees 🐝, butterflies 🦋 and nectar drinking birds 🐦.
A great plant for that empty gap in the back of a garden bed, or where you need a little height in a narrower space!

We have beautiful large specimens available in 200mm pots. They are may not be in flower at time of purchase (depending on season and individual plants).