Helleborus argutifolius Holly Leaved Hellebore or Corsican Hellebore

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Helleborus argutifolius Holly Leaved Hellebore or Corsican Hellebore is a beautiful green flowered species Hellebore. Originally native to the Mediterranean islands of Corsica and Sardinia. It is part of the Winter Elegance range of Hellebores. They produce large clusters of apple green flowers. Around 20 or more flowers per stem. Which offset dramatically against their dark green holly like foliage. 

Their main flowering period is June to October and they grow to approximately 45cm wide and 70cm high.

Hellebores, or Winter Roses, are one of the beauties of a Winter Garden.  When few other garden plants are at their best, Hellebores are in full growth and providing plenty interest and colour.

The growth cycle of Hellebores is the opposite of many plants.  Hellebores kick into growth in Autumn, flower during Winter and put on lots of new leafy growth in late Winter to early Spring.

To use Hellebore most effectively in the garden they require some protection from the hot summer sun. The ideal position for Hellebores is planted under or near deciduous trees or shrubs. 

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