Deuterocohnia brevifolia Terrestrial Bromeliad

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Deuterocohnia brevifolia Terrestrial Bromeliad

Deuterocohnia brevifolia or the Terrestrial Bromeliad is a very easy to grow and interesting bromeliad. It forms an interesting growth shape which comes with age. Which is called a “polster”. A polestar is a shape that resembles a cushion of plants all growing up on top of each other. After many years of growth they resemble a cushion or pillow of plants. Which makes an amazing display in a pot or as a ground cover in the garden, or in a rockery or succulent garden. 

They are tough little plants! Ours we grow in full sun. But they are usually best in half shade or in full sun but protected from the hottest of the sun in summer. We grow them with our cacti and succulents. They thrive on neglect! And obtain most of their water from the air itself. Through dew and humidity. They do benefit from a regular water and will grow faster if given one. 

We currently have two sizes 100mm and 140mm plants. 

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