Earthlife Rock Minerals Garden Delight

Earthlife Rock Minerals Garden Delight

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A 100% natural composted plant food containing 60 mineral elements and humates including natural rock phosphate, plant available silica, organic material and over 30 beneficial microbes and fungi species. Does not contain animal waste eg. manures. A balanced diet for your plants, minimising the need for synthetic supplements.

  • Safe for use on Australian native plants.
  • Is an allowable input for organic growers.
  • Does not contain animal waste products.
  • Gives quicker results when worked into the soil.
  • Can be spread over mulch, bark etc. and watered in.
  • Will not burn plant foliage or roots.
  • Use in a program of “conditioning” with Garden Mate first, then fertilise with Garden Delight to achieve the best natural growth.
Typical Analysis of Garden Delight  
Nitrogen  1.8%
Phosphate  0.8%
Potassium  1.3%
Calcium 4%
Magnesium  2%
Silica 26.8%
Sulfate 0.2%
Iron 2%
Organic matter

Plus 60 other micro nutrients

The 22 kilogram bag is pick up in store only. Stock levels for 22kg bags are set to zero as they cannot be posted in the mail. Please call your local store to double check availability and they can also arrange local delivery if you need it. 

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