Grevillea shiressii Gosford Glory

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Greviles shiressii Gosford Glory 

Take a look at this beauty!
We have grown a small batch of the very rare and very special Grevillea shiressii. A threatened species. Once common to a large area in NSW. It is now sadly only found naturally in two small localities near Gosford. It flowers from Winter through summer. The small, but beautiful flowers vary in colour from blue grey to mauve purple, lipped with green. And later fade to a translucent creamy colour. It is a fantastic grevillea thriving in Part Shade and even tolerating some quite shady positions. Naturally it grows along creek beds in damp positions, but it has been proven to be very drought tolerant in gardens. It grows 2-5m in the wild, but shorter in most gardens. Reaching a height of 2-3m if left unpruned.
Have you got a part shady spot for one of these special plants?

Our plants are currently available in 200mm pots and are a great size.