Hippeastrum reticulatum Netted Veined Hippeastrum

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 Hippeastrum reticulatum Netted Veined Hippeastrum. 

These unusual and beautiful Hippeastrum reticulatum Net Veined Hippeastrum are a tropical twist on the traditional Hippeastrum that most of us grow and love.
They only require 4-6 weeks of dormancy! Not the 6 months of the traditional! They have amazing lush variegated leaves. And produce amazing two tone bright pink and soft pink flowers. What’s more they love shady spots. Or a little dappled sun! But not part or full sun.
They were first cultivated in Europe in 1777 and named in 1788. Their natural habitat is in southern Brazil 🇧🇷. Where they grow naturally in forests under canopies in wet or damp sandy organic soils. They grow well in our gardens, or in pots! And produce lush beautiful leaves when not in flower. Have you got room for one of these beauties in your garden?

We have two pot sizes available 

200mm pots flowering size

100mm pots baby plants