Hydrangea Goliaths Emerald

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Hydrangea Goliaths Emerald / Green Mantle 

Two names for the same plant! 
What a stunning Hydrangea! How do you describe it!
The flowers can be Blue or Pink depending on soil. And are quite variable based on growing conditions. they can form with or without the green. Often you will have both in the plant at the same time. But it always develops and gets heavier as the flower ages. Eventually turning the whole flower a beautiful shade of green with the intricate webbing pattern. It makes a fabulous cut flower. And also lasts a long time on the plant! 

It has the ability to bloom pink or blue or any shade of the two by adjusting your soil pH. It is a must for any summer garden! 

Soil or potting media will determine the colour of your flowers. Don't want luck to determine you hydrangea colour? Use Hyadrangea Blueing Agent or Hydrangea Pinking Agent to turn the flowers the colour you desire. 

Our plants are in 200mm pots. They are new season plants growing strongly. Our current plant have pink flowers due to our pH of our potting mix.  

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