Hydrangea macrophylla Harry’s Red (Compact Hydrangea)

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Hydrangea macrophylla Harry's Red (Compact Hydrangea). Is a compact hydrangea, small to medium shrub to about 1 metre. Great for pots, containers or where a smaller hydrangea is needed in the garden. It is a mop top with crimson pink red flowers and rich autumn flower colour. It’s one of the best red-flowered hydrangeas available. Like all hydrangeas, the colour of the flowers largely depends on the acidity of the soil the plant is growing in. Plants grown on acidic soil produce Purple flowers (instead of Blue), while those growing in more alkaline soils produce Red/very dark Pink flowers (instead of light or mid pink). Therefore, for the best red colour, grow ‘Harry’s Red’ in alkaline soil or the best Purple grow Harry’s red in low pH soil below 5.5. Traditional hydrangea Pinking or Bluing agent will assign to turn this hydrangea to the desired colour. Harry’s Red is a prolific flowering hydrangea. We fertilise regularly with Earthlife Flower Blend through the growing and flowering season to ensure an abundant supply of flowers.

Soil or potting media will determine the colour of your flowers. Don't want luck to determine you hydrangea colour? Use Hyadrangea Blueing Agent or Hydrangea Pinking Agent to turn the flowers the colour you desire. 

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