Hydrangea macrophylla Homigo - growing - coming soon!

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Hydrangea macrophylla Homigo is a large leaved mop head hydrangea with stunning large flowers. Preferring part shade, Homigo is the second variety in the series of colour changing Hydrangeas from Hovaria. Flowers emerge on strong upright stems. And may be pink or blue according to soil, then change to green, and then on to a claret red colour. No two days of colour will be the same with this plant. Homigo blooms over several months in summer. And provides long lasting colour as the flowers age and develop. In acid soil there will be all sorts of violet-blue shades in every inflorescence. By evening a fluorescent blue colour can be seen. The nearly magical wealth of flowers of this variety outshine many other varieties. It is suitable for cut or dried flowers. We fertilise regularly with Earthlife Flower Blend through the growing and flowering season to ensure an abundant supply of flowers.

Soil or potting media will determine the colour of your flowers. Don't want luck to determine you hydrangea colour? Use Hyadrangea Blueing Agent or Hydrangea Pinking Agent to turn the flowers the colour you desire. 

We grow Homigo 140mm and 200mm pots. Follow us on Facebook! Here are the rest of our Hydrangeas! For the perfect hydrangea food, try these rock minerals!