Hydrangea macrophylla Libelle - Growing - Ready Soon - Enquire In-Store.

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Hydrangea Macrophylla Libelle. One of our favorites! This Hydrangea has narrow dark glossy leaves. In summer large flat panicles of flowers form and are slow to open creating a unique cup shape until eventually opening to showy pure white sterile bracts surrounded by small blue insignificant flowers. The flower heads remain looking good if left on after flowering for autumn and winter interest. Flowers however are produced on stems from the previous seasons growth. A low growing lace cap to about 1.5 metres. Hydrangea colour is an indication of the pH value of your soil. Pink flowers indicate it is alkaline (pH of between 8 and 12). Blue flowers mean the soil is more acidic (pH of between 1 and 6 with 7 being neutral).

Our plants are available in 140mm and 200mm pots.

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