Hydrangea macrophylla Ne Plus

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Hydrangea macrophylla Ne Plus is a large leaved mop head with large stunning white flowers! Ne Plus means Bone Better!! And is a recurrent or repeat flowering hydrangea. Flowers start lime green opening to white, and may develop a pink or blue eye (depending on soil pH). They emerge on strong upright stems and can produce news flowers throughout spring, summer and even into autumn. It provides long lasting colour as the flowers age and develop. It makes a stunning garden or pot plant. And flowers are also suitable for cut or dried flowers. Best in deep shade to avoid sunburn and bruises on the flowers. We fertilise regularly with Earthlife Flower Blend through the growing and flowering season to ensure an abundant supply of flowers. 

We grow Ne Plus in 140mm and 200mm pots. Follow us on Facebook! Here are the rest of our Hydrangeas! For the perfect hydrangea food, try these rock minerals!