Hydrangea Obsidian Collection Storm Cloud

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Hydrangea Obsidian Collection Storm Cloud has the most stunning black stems with bold bright pink flowers! The showy flowers put on an amazing display throughout the season. Starting out lavender-purple and maturing to bold bight pink. Fantastic in a pot, or the garden, and make cut flower. Growing 1.2mh x 1.2m wide in shade to part shade. 

Our plants are strong and well established in 140mm or 200mm pots. 

The Obsidian Collection includes stunning varieties of Hydrangeas with beautiful dark stems. The unusual black stem colour provides a unique floral display in the garden. Enjoy these amazing blooms in summer and autumn in the garden or as cut flowers. These spectacular and showy garden plants will reward you with gorgeous displays of blooms set against fresh green foliage. 

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