Hydrangea petiolaris Climbing Hydrangea

Hydrangea petiolaris Climbing Hydrangea

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Hydrangea petiolaris Climbing Hydrangea produce lare beautiful fragrant white lacecap flowers through late spring and summer. The flowers are offset beautifully by the dark green heart shaped foliage. These climbing hydrangea love a shy or part shade position on the cooler side of a house, wall or property. They are self attaching and will attach to and climb most structures as long as the structure is cool and does not get hot in the midday or afternoon sun. A fantastic flowering climber best suited to cooler positions. 

Clinbibg hydrangea flowers are white / off white. They may age to green, or some shades of antique brassy coppery colours. They do not change to blue or pink.  

Soil or potting media will determine the colour of your flowers. Don't want luck to determine you hydrangea colour? Use Hyadrangea Blueing Agent or Hydrangea Pinking Agent to turn the flowers the colour you desire. 

Our plants are in 200mm pots. They are new season plants growing strongly. 

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