Hydrangea Schloss Wackerbath

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Hydrangea Schloss Wackerbath is one of our favourite hydrangea. It is a German hydrangea named after the grand and impressive Schloss Wackerbarth Castle, situated between Dresden and Meissen in Germany. It is a compact hydrangea variety growing to approx 90cm. It has fantastic rounded flower heads formed by red/pink florets often tipped with lime green edges or striping. And a bright blue eye in the centre. The flower colour does change slightly based on soil pH. The flowers age over time and produce more and more green as they get older. Our plants in the nursery reliably repeat flower again in late summer.

Our Plants offered are in 140mm or 200mm pots and are healthy, large, strong plants. Follow us on Facebook! Here are the rest of our Hydrangeas! For the perfect hydrangea food, try these rock minerals!