Hydrangea serrata Grayswood

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Hydrangea serrata Grayswood. A vigorous deciduous shrub laden with large flat White and Blue or White and Pink flowers. Which can be near white, pale blue or pale pink depending on the soil pH. The large sterile flowers swirl around small clusters of tiny fertile double flowers of a much deeper colour in the centre of the flower.  This creates a beautiful domed  shape display of flowers standing out against the deep dark green leaves. Flowers age to a rich red wine colour late in the season. And can be cut and dried at this stage. Grayswood is a stunning plant. Growing approx  1-2m x 1-2m. It can tolerate a lot of sun for a hydrangea. But prefers part shade with damp humus rich soils. A stunner for any garden. 

We fertilise regularly with Earthlife Flower Blend through the growing and flowering season to ensure an abundant supply of flowers.

Soil or potting media will determine the colour of your flowers. Don't want luck to determine you hydrangea colour? Use Hyadrangea Blueing Agent or Hydrangea Pinking Agent to turn the flowers the colour you desire. 

Our plants are in 140mm and 200mm pots. Follow us on Facebook! Here are the rest of our Hydrangeas! For the perfect hydrangea food, try these rock minerals!