Jasminum Emperor Jasmine

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Jasminum Emperor Jasmine 

A very rare and much sought after Jasmine. Jasminum sambac flore plena or Emperor Jasmine is a stunning semi-climber Jasmine. It can be grown as a bush if pruned, or as a climber to about 1.5m. It produces very large, very full flowers. The flowers start lime green, and open to creamy white, sometimes with a few purple outer petals. The flowers resemble roses when open. And have the most beautiful fragrance! They flower all through the warmer months - spring, summer and the first half of autumn. 

These plants prefer part sun to full sun. A moist but well drained soil, a regular fertilise and a prune after flowering. For the perfect Emperor Jasmine food, try Flower Blend, one of these rock minerals!

We have beautiful flowering size specimens available in 200mm pots. Our plants may or may not be in bud depending on time of year. 

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