Luculia gratissima Fragrant Cloud

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Luculia gratissima 'Fragrant Cloud’ is a beatiful semi-evergreen shrub. It has beautiful, large soft glossy green leaves. And produces large clusters of delightfully fragrant light pink flowers which are produced in early Winter. They are reputed to be one of the best fragrant flowered shrubs. With fragrance likened to gardenia and vanilla. gratissima translated from this plants Latin name even means very, very pleasing! And Luculia are revered by gardeners the world over for their beautiful and fragrant flowers. 

Luculia make a great specimen shrub in any garden. Or a stunning semi-hedge in a sunny or part shaded position. Plant in a well draining soil and protect from frost and excessive sun.

Our plants are in 180mm pots and stand over 1m tall. They will need to be pruned back for postage. 
Through the winter months, plants may exhibit a bronzing of the leaves. Which is a reaction to our cold winter weather at the nursery.