Medinilla dolichophylla Giant Chandelier Plant

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Medinilla dolichophylla Giant Chandelier Plant is the largest of our Medinilla. And a truly beautiful tropical evergreen flowering plant. Our form grows produces beautiful light pink flowers. Their flowers are small but form in very large clusters putting on a fabulous display. They flower for many months, often 3-6 months for us in the nursery. And when pollinated are followed by bright pink berries. They often have both flowers and berries on the plant at the same time as they are prolific flowers in the right conditions.  They provide year round colour between the flowers and berries. And have beautiful large glossy leathery leaves which add to their appeal. They are tropical plants. But do well at our nurseries in Sydney through our cold winters as long as they are protected from frosts and kept just a little dryer than usual. They make fantastic pot or garden plants. This Medinilla grows tall and can reach 2m in height. They make stunning specimen plants! And make wonderful indoor plants in bright airy rooms near a window. 

We have beautiful specimens available in 200mm Pots. They are large and between 50cm and 1m in height. They are flowering sized plants and may or may not be in flower or berry at time of purchase (depending on season and individual plants). 

For the perfect Medinilla food, try Flower Blend - one of these rock minerals!

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