Medinilla Lalique

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Medinilla Lalique is a truly beautiful and stunning tropical evergreen flowering  plant. The most beautiful and delicate of all Medinilla. They usually don’t even make it into our retail nursery being pre-sold each year before they flower.
They produce the most beautiful and delicate very flowers that are almost transparent white on purple stems. The pendulous bunches of flowers are held on the finest of stems that look almost like fishing line and sway and move in a breeze. While appearing so delicate they are surprisingly resilient. They flower for many months, often 3-6 months for us in the nursery. And when pollinated are followed by purple berries which eventually turn bright purple many months later. They provide year round colour between the flowers and berries. And have beautiful narrow, long glossy leathery leaves which add to their appeal. They are tropical plants. But do well at our nurseries in Kenthurst and Cranebrook through our cold winters as long as they are protected from frosts. They make fantastic pot specimens out on the patio or in the garden. They are small growers rarely exceeding 50cm in height in Sydney. And make wonderful indoor plants in bright airy rooms near a window. 

We have beautiful specimens available in 180mm pots. They may or may not have flower buds currently. They form flower buds through winter. And should start producing flower buds shorty. 

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