Medinilla miniata Red Chandalier Plant

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Medinilla miniata Red Chandelier Plant is a beautiful tropical evergreen flowering plant. One of medium sized forms of Medinilla we have. Making fast growing plants plants 1.5m tall by the same wide in the garden. Or maintained smaller in pots with a prune at around 1m x 1m. They produce very large very beautiful and very showy Dark Red flowers and berries that are pendulous and hang beautifully down from the foliage. They flower for many months, often 3-6 months for us in the nursery. And when pollinated are followed by hot pink berries which eventually turn bright purple many months later. They provide year round colour between the flowers and berries. And have huge and beautiful large glossy leathery leaves which add to their appeal. They are tropical plants and don’t do well in winter daytime temperatures under 15degrees. So if in Sydney or cooler, take them indoors for the winter period.  They do well at our nurseries in Kenthurst and Cranebrook through our cold winters as long as tehy are brought indoors for winter. And kept in a bright room near a window. They make fantastic pot specimens out on the patio, in the garden or in a hanging basket. And make wonderful indoor plants in bright airy rooms near a window. 

We have beautiful flowering size specimens 200mm pots. They are winter and spring flowering and should flower this winter and spring under the right conditions. 

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