Quisqualis indica Rangoon Creeper - Pre Order - December 2024

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Quisqualis indica Rangoon Creeper has quite a number of common names. Red Jasmine, Chinese Hineysuckle, Drunken Sailor and Quisqualis to name a few. It is a beautiful evergreen flowering vine, and has found its way into the hearts of gardeners and plant enthusiasts around the world. Native to Southeast Asia, in particular Burma. It is named after Burmas former capital Rangoon which is today known as Yangon. Rangoon creeper is renown for its masses of fragrant flowers that transition from white to pink to red. And what a display it puts on! Starting its flowering period in spring, it continues all summer! Lapping up the summer heat, and finally finishing its bloom in autumn. These plant love a warm sunny position in the garden. It prefers full sun, but will grow in part shade. Treat them like a bougainvillea. And position them in a warm winter sunny spot. 

Rangoon Creeper is a great plant for attracting birds, butterflies, bees and beneficial insects to the garden. Its masses of flowers, sweet perfume, and nectar produced in the flowers ensure a steady supply of visitors to the garden. 

Amazing uses for this plant are as a climber against walls, patios or over pergolas. Or with some pruning, train it as a shrub or into a standard. It even makes an amazing pot specimen, and can be trained into a bonsai. 

We fertilise regularly with Earthlife Flower Blend through the growing and flowering season to ensure an abundant supply of flowers.

We currently have beautiful flowering size specimens available in 180mm pots. 

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