Schaueria flavicoma Golden Plume Flower (White and Gold Flower Form)

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Schaueria flavicoma Golden Plume Flower (White and Gold Flower Form). 

The Golden Plume Flower is a vigorous and ever blooming plant. It is native to Brazil but performs fantastically in our gardens in Sydney. With the ability to flower continuously through the year under good conditions. It thrives and flowers in low light, shade, dappled shade through to part sun or morning sun. Protect it from frosts and the baking hot midday and afternoon summer sun. 

Their feathery flowers offset their lush dark green foliage.  This form has beautiful feather gold flower bracts, with ephemeral pure white flowers that pop out between. Attracting butterflies and nectar birds to the garden. After flowering the feathery yellow bracts and seed heads can be left on the plant for an extended display. 

Grows 1.5m high and 1.5m wide. A regular prune after flowering will keep this beautiful plant smaller at well under 1m x 1m. And encourage more flowers. It also grows very well in pots as well as the garden. 

We have beautiful and large flowering sized plants available in 200mm pots. 

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