Acanthus mollis White Water - Bear’s Breeches

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Acanthus mollis Whitewater - Bear’s Breeches

Whitewater is a fantastic variegated form of Acanthus mollis also commonly called Bear’s Breeches. It is tough and hardy. A little slower growing than the green form. It lights up the garden with its beautiful variegated foliage. Dark green deeply cut leaves, splashed and edged with creamy white margins, it is a bold architectural perennial. In summer it produces flower stems that rocket up above the foliage. Creamy white and blushing pink. 

It makes a fantastic specimen plant in a pot or in the garden. And they look amazing planted in groups or on mass. They perform best in part shaded positions. But will happily grow in shade albeit slower. And can tolerate quite sunny positions. But do prefer protection from our intense summer sun. 

We have lovely plants in 140mm pots. 
We fertilise regularly with Earthlife Flower Blend through the growing and flowering season to ensure an abundant growth and great supply of flowers.

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