Clivia Belgium Hybrid Orange

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Clivia Belgium Hybrid Orange are a beautiful dark and intense colour form of the traditional orange clivia. They typically bloom through late winter and into spring. Blooming around the time of the traditional orange clivia. They produce magnificent large flower heads. Larger and fuller than the traditional old orange clivia seen in many older plantings. Putting on a real show with their stunning, vibrant, abundant dark orange flowers. And usually have approximately 16-30 flowers in an umbel (flower head). Varying in colour from bright to dark and rich orange shades. Their foliage is also thicker, broader and more abundant than that of the traditional old orange clivia. Producing lush almost tropical green clumps with time, multiplying each year and providing more and more flowers. 

They make a wonderful pot or garden specimen. They are incredibly tough plants. Tolerating drought and many other adverse growing conditions. They are real survivors. A well cared for specimen will have lush dark leaves, and beautiful flowers. In pots they thrive and survive much longer than many other pot plants. Making striking pot specimens. And likewise in the garden. They thrive and look best in full shade to part sun. And will even tolerate quite sunny and harsh aspects though they might get some sun burn in hot sunny spots. 

Our plants offered are in 140mm pots (young plants), and 200mm pots (flowering size). Larger sizes in 250mm and 300mm are available in the nursery. 

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