Zygocactus Yellow

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Zygocactus Yellow 

This is the beautiful yellow gold form of Zygocactus. With almost transparent petals that have deeper colouring on the reverse, and a slightly pink throat to the flower. Starting yellow gold, and deepening in colour in cooler weather. Often finishing a soft peachy apricot as the flower ages. 

Zygocactus are wonderfully easy to care for plants. They are fantastic grown in a pots or hanging baskets where their flowers can be enjoyed all winter long. they produce profuse amounts of flowers through the winter months. And hence their other common name Winter Cactus. 

They love a bright position, with filtered light or part sun. And thrive on neglect. Though a regular water and fertilise will ensure thick, dense plants that will produce copious amounts of flowers. 

We have beautiful little plants in 100mm pots available. 

For the perfect Zygocactus, fertilise regularly with Earthlife Flower Blend through the growing and flowering season to ensure an abundant growth and great supply of flowers.